Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fallen Angel

Another outfit from Beautiful Dirty Rich, it comes in 2 versions, one for regular breasts and the other for lolas Tango (The lolas tango version can be worn with regular boobs too).
... I don't have many words to describe this outfit and these photos, I just think this is something you feel in your heart..the dripping mascara..has she been crying? Or was she just standing in the rain? The feeling is up to each one in particular...or maybe you look at it and just think..ohh bad ass <winks> .. how we see something is really only up to the viewers eyes.

Here is the Lola's Tango version

Skin - Opera Chic  (sunkissed) - Essences for TDR
Outfit, wings, boots, bow, arrow and running mascara - Fallen Angel - Beautiful Dirty Rich
Hair - Virginie - Truth
Nails - Milky Way - Mandala
Eyes - Utopia (Light blue) - Ikon
Earrings - Lotus - Mandala
Poses - Purple Poses
Piercings - Puncture

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